Core values

Our approach to the areas we work in

The introduction of new techniques, new technologies or innovations typically comes with an impact, either positive or negative. We employ the latest technologies to effect a far-reaching positive impact on all our projects.
It is widely agreed that a strong connection exists between quality and value, with a higher level of quality having a positive impact on the value of products/services and client satisfaction. At MACC Projects our guiding principle is to increase the value of our projects without breaking the banks or sacrificing the quality.
We inspire INNOVATIONS through targets setting and collaborative design to generate multiple design options. “It isn’t enough to think outside the box, we believe that thinking is passive; we are used to thinking and ACTING outside the box”.
Just like Nelson Mandela, we think that “Safety and security don’t just happen, they are a result of collective consensus and corporate investment.” We owe our clients homes that are safe, secured and free from accidents.
We employ the highest level of professionalism. This has tremendously impacted positively on our project performance by saving cost and time, increasing quality, eliminating litigation, and promoting greater innovation and improved client satisfaction.
The need for creativity has never been greater because the design and construction environment has never been more complicated. We believe that creativity is behind every breakthrough material that changes the way structures are conceived and every process that helps streamline project schedules.

We use the time tasted act of effective communication to foster more collaboration among our project teams, to create a fertile environment for creativity.